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Green Zone Academy’s philosophy is to provide our students with the most up to date information and technology and relay that information in a very efficient and productive manner.

Welcome To "The Green Zone"


We provide you the necessary courses to become proficient in obtaining Veterans Benefits, Trading (Forex, Stocks), and Grant Acquisition.


Those courses that require materials will be provided for you at no cost.


Get professional coaching and reliable consultation by our team of certified teachers and instructors.


Upon successful completion receive a certificate showing your achievement for completing one or more of our rigorous courses.

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About Green Zone Academy

Green Zone Academy’s mission is to improve the public’s physical, financial and spiritual health, provide the #1 place for educational curriculums that build generational wealth in all areas of a person’s life and demystify processes and procedures to tear down barriers to knowledge and opportunities. 

                                                                                    –Dr. Annie Green, MD, MPH



Zero To 100%

"Serving Those Who Served"

Beyond 100 Percent

Beyond 100%

"Serving Those Who Served"

The Appeal You Can Win

The Appeal You Can Win

"Serving Those Who Served"


Trading Like A Pro
(Beginner Curriculum)

"Where Successful Certified Traders Are Built"


Trading Like A Pro (Advanced Curriculum)

"Where Successful Certified Traders Are Built"


ABC & 123 Credit Repair

"Building the Minds of Today for a Brighter Future Tomorrow"

Medical White

My Medical School Life

"Medical School Mentoring & Tutoring Service"


School of Grantology

"Making Grant Searching & Acquisition Easy"


Multifamily Real Estate Investing

"Making Sure The Landlord Is You​"


Online Classrooms

Real skills for real-world application. Experience interactive coaching from induatry experts.

Personal Coaching

The most impressive is the collection of shared curriculum.

Green Zone Academy's Top Courses


Zero To 100%

"Serving Those Who Served"


Trading Like A Pro
(Basic Curriculum)

"Where Successful Certified Traders Are Built"


Trade Like A Pro VIP
(Advanced Curriculum)

"Where Successful Traders Are Built"

Independent Medical Opinions (IMO)/Nexus Letters

Virtual Physical and Psychological Evaluations

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At Green Zone Academy our instructors believe education is a collaborative journey, and our instructors are your partners in this exciting academic endeavor. Join us today and embark on a learning experience that is not only enriching but also deeply inspiring.

Maurice Vazquez

Credit repair processor

Beyond credit repair, he prioritizes empowering students with practical financial knowledge, offering ongoing support and resources to aid them in making informed decisions and building strong credit histories.

Through continuous professional development and staying current with industry trends, he ensures that students receive the highest quality guidance and assistance in achieving their credit goals.

Shanquell Manning-Knight

Clinician Recruiter

Drives the growth and success of the Green Zone Academy, ensuring it provides high-quality education to students while staying at the forefront of the online learning landscape.

Samantha Bailey

credit repair expert

Lead instructor for ABC & 123 Credit Repair. Specializing in credit repair and financial literacy, offering comprehensive guidance to students on navigating credit-related matters, including inquiries, repair processes, and addressing concerns.

Christopher Weaver

Certified Trader

Educates students and help them obtain their Forex trading certification. Design and deliver comprehensive Forex trading courses, providing students with in-depth knowledge of trading strategies, risk management, technical and fundamental analysis, and more. Offers guidance and mentorship to students, assisting them in developing the skills and mindset needed to become successful and certified Forex traders.

Eric Jeter

Trading Consultant

With over 15 years of trading experience, he provides strategic insights to clients seeking to optimize their Forex trading portfolios. Conducts in-depth market analysis, risk assessment, and offering tailored trading recommendations to maximize profitability while managing risks effectively. Guide clients through complex trading strategies, helping them navigate the dynamic world of Forex with the benefit of his extensive experience and expertise.

Mereck Fandohan

IT specialist

Maintains, troubleshoots, and improves our organization’s IT systems and infrastructure. Provides technical support, ensuring network security, and assists in the implementation of IT projects to enhance operational efficiency.

Student Testimonials

I was very skeptical about trying to go up against the Veterans Administration to get my disability benefits, however, Green Zone Academy gave you the education to increase my confidence. Within 6 months, right around Christmas of 2022, I went from 0 to 100% Permanent & Total. I vouch for Dr. Annie Green, MD and Green Zone Academy...it works!!!
Rudolf Mickles
Veteran United States Navy
I was a student of Green Zone Academy for over a year and during that time, I learned how to be a successful certified trader. Not only am I more confident, I can now assess other traders and give them the insight they need to become a better trader. Green Zone Academy is the "REAL DEAL" when it comes to acquiring the education you need to step our of the shadows and into the light,
Christopher Weaver
Certified Trader
If you truly want to change your financial trajectory in life, come to Green Zone Academy where those things that seem so confusing are explained in simple terms for your advancement. Whether it be acquiring your VA Disability Benefits, Trading (Forex and Stocks) or Grant Acquisition. You will not be disappointed.
Keith Thornton
Veteran United States Navy & Investor


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