An 8-week course that teaches you all the basics of trading and why traders lose money so you do not make the same mistakes.  We take you through the 5 Cs: Strong curriculum, clarity in analyzing price action, confidence when placing trades, consistency in wining average and certification that entitles you to hold the title as Certified Professional Trader.


Week 1-2 – History of Japanese Candlesticks, Candlestick Formation & Categories

Week 3-4 – Money Management

Week 5-7 – Charting

Week 8 – Trading Psychology and Graduation


  • Dr. Annie Green, MD – Founder & CEO of NexGen Forex Trading Training, LLC
    • Veteran of the United States Marine Corps.
    • Background in administration, computer programming, real estate and legal field.
    • Started my own trading journey to learn “why do people lose money?”
    • has been trading since 2016 as both manual and robotic trader.
    • Has trained over 50+ new traders and counting.
    • Has retrained over 15 seasoned traders
    • Certified to run artificial intelligence robots.
    • “My personal goal is to eliminate generational poverty”.
  • Eric Jeter, BS, MBA – Intermittent Instructor, Expert and Artificial Intelligence Specialist
    • Michigan Technological University.
    • Lawrence Technological University.
  • Christopher Weaver, RT – Student Relations